hey dude, have you ever experienced pegs turni…

hey dude, have you ever experienced pegs turning right back when you tune the violin? i'm sorry but i have nobody to ask! they're not un-tuning on a span of, idk, days or weeks, but really, as i turn them, they slowly but surely turn right back. and they can turn for like, idk, 5 whole tones down. i tried to force the pegs deeper into the neck so that they stay in place but i'm afraid of hurting the instrument. and i can't go to the luthier because i'm in lockdown like the rest of the country

check to make sure you have the correct strings on. I once put a d string on my cello where the a string was supposed to go by accident (per the guidance of the cello professor, I might add) and the thing would not tune up above an a, would tune down to a d immediately after, and eventually it snapped. this is hopefully your problem because it’s a relatively simple fix.

also, don’t be afraid of pushing the strings in too hard. just make sure that both sides of the scroll are supported and it shouldn’t be an issue.

 if you put new strings on recently and you’re sure they’re correct, it will just take times for things to settle. and if you recently travelled to a place that has a different climate (from college to your home, for example), that can also throw things off. 

 it might help to loosen the string that’s giving you trouble and put some rosin on the peg. if you’ve been tuning it a lot, also make sure that the bridge is still pretty much perpendicular to the body of the instrument. good luck. it’s frustrating stuff.

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